John Michael "Scully" O'Sullivan

John Michael "Scully" O'Sullivan, Taken from us way too soon...

I am writing this letter out of despair and shock. I have barely begun to perceive that my wonderful husband, who thought of others always above himself, has been brutally murdered. However, what is adding to my distress is the way this has been handled by the local press. I know that because of years of inaccuracies many in this beautiful county don’t know the beauty of the man who was just taken from us. He was the brain and vision behind Mokelumne Bluffs Nature Estates which is giving 2 ½ miles of walking trails, 2 kiddie play areas, a tennis court and basketball court to Amador County – this is MUCH more than is required for a 98 lot subdivision – but it is the right and good thing to do, as is the green design of the community. His incredible mind perceived Golden Vale, a mixed use and green resort village community, and his mind and generosity offered to DONATE not only a 40 acre school site to the district during the School Facilities Task Force meetings several years ago, but also approached the Amador Water Agency regarding donating a site for a tertiary treated water plant to serve the county, on a parcel of property with an existing AWA line running through it and another on the same property nearby.

He was charged with several crimes several years ago. After years, many attempts to take the matters to trial, and virtually all of our money spent, the charges were DISMISSED, (that’s right – just check the court file!). Those charges were the result of a horrible situation and an animal disease we never knew existed. We attempted to offer during settlement negotiations to have our expert witness come to this county to give a lecture to the community regarding the disease – but that wasn’t acceptable to the powers that be. Check the transcript and you’ll see that John stated he wanted to end the fiasco for the county as well as us.

About the same time we had the animal disease situation begin, we began being harassed by the caretaker of the neighboring property owner, a situation which was exacerbated when we attempted to ask the property owner to help diffuse the situation. We asked the police for help repeatedly, and several reports recommended prosecution, but despite these requests, no one ever helped us. Instead we have been treated as if we were doing something wrong when we asked for help! We have had two beautiful children during that time, who are now 16 months and 3 years, adding to our other two beautiful children who are 8 and 15. We wanted to live on John’s beautiful ranch, in peace, and raise children and animals, and develop some quality green projects, and contribute to this community. We have tried to do that despite the challenges we’ve faced. We were so happy with our beautiful family, and our opportunities to contribute to our community.

Now, instead of these dreams coming true, John has been brutally murdered. The local press has printed what the murderer said – but NOT what was said in court – which is what he said when he gave his statement – that my wonderful husband was leaving the area when he shot him. That’s right – and he shot him once in the side and twice in the back. 6 weeks before he was murdered by this individual, John was rammed by him while driving our neighbor’s truck. Nothing was ever done about that. Nothing has been reported in the news about that. Instead the press printed a quote by someone who was very concerned about ‘what would happen to poor Ken Zimmerman now’. Not a word about our very young family and how I will manage to raise them by myself, or what we will do when we are forced to move out of our home, which is due to go on the auction block soon. In fact, one person even said “well she has custody, the children will be fine.” What is that supposed to mean? Are you kidding? This person has apparently never been a single parent . I have – not good.

I am writing this to set the record straight. There was no doubt by those who knew my wonderful husband what an outstanding person he was – in fact in Ireland there was a steady stream of people who came to his parents’ home to pay their respects which did not stop for SIX HOURS. That’s right – single file they came to pay their respects - people from all over the world. Or the people at two overflow masses. John was a wonderful, special, generous and incredibly vital man who will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Members of the Gaelic football team he played on as a child even provided an Honor Guard all these years later. Too bad so few in this community, which he wanted so much to make a positive impact on, took the time to get to know him. Too bad no one has the time to think about this life which we have all been robbed of. Too bad – too too bad. It has made me wonder if maybe the public defender was right and it’s true that Zimmerman, the murderer, is the one who fits in here and is the more acceptable member of the community. I certainly hope not – don’t you?

Krista (aka "Mommy")

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Vern Pierson was the DA with our neighbor who shot our truck. though the guy was out on a 1/4 million dollar bail Pierson loved this guy and was hoping he would kill us to end the civil case we filed, it seemed that way anyway!  I have our stalker on video violating a restraining order trying to run me over with his truck, but Vern Pierson did nothing and had no basis to ignore restraining order violations of violence.  Vern Pierson, as crazy as it sounds, wanted us dead, because we were suing the county due to his negligence!  We had no ide this was going on during the time of our nightmare.  When I read this I know exactly what you are talking about!  I filed a claim with Magistrate Brennan during the time when John was murdered, thinking he would grant us a protecton order.  Brennan actually fabricated evidence that he cannot back up to dismiss our case, apparantly because our stalker didn't murder us because we moved!  This country is a bleeding nightmare.  I am from UK and cannot wait to liquidate and get the heck out of here!  People who live in this community shock me!  They are hypnotized or dense, not sure, but until it happens to them....

I am so so sorry to hear this.  You need to contact the FBI and report him for color of law violations.  Tell them these acts occurred during the pendency of our lawsuit and their alleged investigation which was never completed and that I have DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE of his bad acts as well.  This is A PATTERN AND PRACTICE,  Pierson has told people that he's "teflon"...yeah well so was the "Teflon Don" and see where that eventually got him.  I am writing a book. No one will ever find me, I have a truck FULL of documents and I will NEVER quit exposing the SCUM who have STOLEN MY COUNTRY.  My father was not a US MARINE TO PROTECT THE LIKES OF THEM.  God Bless you and DO NOT GIVE UP THAT MEANS THEY WIN!!!


I have been waiting for a resonse from you for years!  I am so sorry what happened to you!  When we sued Vern, our neighbor, accused by a dozen other families for threatening to murder 7 kids on the side of a road waiting for their moms to pick them up, caused a car accident while standing out in the road weilding a gun to the heads of each kids.  When the mom showed up, she saw the gunman, slammed on the breaks, and the car behind her smashed into her.  Then he threatened to murder her and the other crash victims, and witnesses who drove by.  I had no idea who these other people were.  All I know, is when I caught the same guy shooting my truck 39 times while I was in the driveway, I called the police, they arrested him and let him out the next day, and he threatoned to murder my wife and I.  When we complained, they did nothing, they were protecting this guy, and when we complained about that, a judge was actually punished by the for fixing a grand jury investigation we started, see

But punishment amounts to a child scolding finger wag, "No No No, bad judge."  So he's still on the bench, and I'm sure they will be doing all they can to harras me.  I've already overturned several tax schemes where they tried to use the county tax assesor and ftb to file leins on us, but they did it with made up facts that was eventually extinguished by our facts and evidence, proving them wrong.  We have been putting up with this for years.  THey even tried to use the "animal creulty stigma" stating that my dog was being mistreated by being on a 100' pulley leash.   This complies with law, and we only had him on it while visiting our mountain home as he lives on a farm in walnut grove.  Our home in the mountains has not fence, and they have leash laws.  He has a custom dog house with a door he knows how to use.  I showed the pound the state law, and they couldn't find any violations and left, but they are constantly looking.  Retaliation against citizen's is illegal on the books, but local FBI, and DOJ, hate people like us who squeel on them, so they want us out of the way too....I just didn't know that they wouldl allow circumstances that are volatile with nutty neighbers threatening to kill you to actually murder you!  

Your case is paramount to the civil right movement, the new civil right movement, because if violates the Macias v. Ihde discovery by the Ninth Circuit, identifying other california officials who use "arbitrary" denial of justice, (making the real victims looking like the criminals, by fabrication or "misconstruing" non existing made up facts, nobody questions).  IN macias the court stated that the officials were the cause of murder. 


We need to talk!  Please call me email me at  for my number .  I am putting together investors for a full blown documentary on this.  You need to be involved!

I have my neighbor in a video violating the law, but specifically our restraining order by driving his truck missing me by about 6 inches.  I had to get behind my tractor tire or would have been hit, You said, "That’s right – and he shot him once in the side and twice in the back. 6 weeks before he was murdered by this individual, John was rammed by him while driving our neighbor’s truck.."

Vern Pierson ignored the complaint.!  He would have allowed our murder, but we moved from our home!  It was horrible!  Did Vern Pierson have authority allowing him to ignore your complaint?


Pleasse contact us,

I don't see how we could be ignored if we file a joint complaint!  the only reason I am alive today, is because I moved!  I saw it coming and moved!  Especially when Edmund F. Brennan denied our motion the weeks your husband was murdered.  I couldn't believe a federal judge was creating "arbitrary" means that could cause murder of plaintiffs suing fellow law enforcement officials. 



Never has a story typified the "American Dream" more so than Scully's....but you have also see first hand the  "American Nightmare".  I am so sorry for your loss and I hope that you and the kids are well.  Please contact Pat and join us in getting justice for Scully and all the victims of this corrupt County.  You can contact me directly at

You know, I too had a neighbor dispute.  He shot my truck 39 "because it was parked backwards," in front of my house.  He was arrested, and quickly released, even though he was out on a 235,000.00 dollar bail for 7 other pistol assault felonies.  Vern Pierson had just been elected.  It is eary that I have this man on video missing me with his pick up truck by a few inches.  You say John was rammed  by the man officials were letting assault you.  This is earie.  Its as if they were coached with some game plan of attack!  I too sued the same government officials, and they seemed like they were allowing this man the right to murder my wife or I,  


In federal court, I asked Magistrate Edmund F. Brennan to grant us an injunction to force Vern Peirson to inforce 5 restraining orders against the man in the above link who is recorded threatening to murder my employees or attempting to run me over. I didn't know you had filed a case and Brennan was the same Magistrate.  I didn't know that Brennan ignored your husbands complaints and that he was murdered within days of filing our protective order request with Brennan.  Brennan, knowing that John was or could be murdered, and was murdered, went ahead and opened the door for my wife and I to be murdered.  Even though John was murdered, still to this day, nobody cares that more people will be murdered, not the FBI or DOJ.  We have been threatened with murdered and had to move to avoid what happened to John, as the Eastern District Court records that they sanctioned our murder by denying our request.  Apparantly our suit against Vern Pierson Doe Defendants et al. would have been ended just like Johns murder ended your suit. 

In my wildest nightmare, I never thought federal agents and courts would stand by and witness murder and do nothing!.

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