John Michael "Scully" O'Sullivan

John Michael "Scully" O'Sullivan, Taken from us way too soon...

Well I'm sorry to report that we were unable to stop the foreclosure sale on the Lighthouse. This means we have some small amount of time to get what remains from there and find somewhere to live. We are still struggling to get our belongings off the ranch - we are remote enough to make it difficult if not impossible to sell things on typical sales engines such as Craig's List, and too overwhelmed with everyday things to try to sell this amount on E-Bay...suggestions are welcome! I have to admit I'm about at the end of my rope...don't really know what to do from here. If our business partner who stands to make an incredible fortune which most people would never even dream of would do the right thing, everything would be fine. Instead I guess we'll be homeless for a while until we figure out a way to squeeze what's ours out of the world. We have an idea for a non-profit at the Lighthouse, and a right of 1st refusal, but funding is non-existent from what we can see, or too far off to help. If we sell a few items hopefully we'll just go to Ireland and let the attorneys sort out what they can I suppose...pretty sickening if you ask me. Not doing well at all at this point sorry to report. Hope you are all better. Love and Friendship, Krista and Children

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