John Michael "Scully" O'Sullivan

John Michael "Scully" O'Sullivan, Taken from us way too soon...

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has helped us out during this horrific time.  We are making a last ditch effort to raise enough money to finally go to Ireland and try to get some peace, especially for the children, by surrounding ourselves with John's amazingly loving family and friends.  The lawsuit against Tom and Mary Hunt unfortunately must go on, I cannot simply allow John's lifetime of hard work to be diminished to naught.  Meanwhile, the murder trial is scheduled to begin next month.  I have lost my sanity completely.  Thanks be to God for the love and support we have received. 


Some quotes of the accused as testified to by law enforcement officers at the preliminary hearing and/or otherwise recorded:  When asked what John was doing when he shot him:  "He was hauling ass away from me."  When asked if he'd called anyone other than 911 "Yeah I called the owner [of the property] and told him to get his attorneys on redial, we're going for it."  Uninitiated:  "They'll probably give me a medal!" 


Sadly, the children continue to cry sometimes inconsoleably for Daddy, Dadda.  We miss you so much John, you were our Sun and Moon, our universe, and our Sunshine.  We love and miss you, and probably always will. 

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