John Michael "Scully" O'Sullivan

John Michael "Scully" O'Sullivan, Taken from us way too soon...

Yes once again the trial has been postponed. This time it is because the defense counsel for the murderer has filed a motion to inspect our home. His declaration was sealed, so we don't know why. We feel this is obviously harassment. A writ was filed by our counsel, and a preliminary stay was ordered by the higher court. There is now a hearing scheduled for June 18th to review the status of the higher court's stay and the writ. I expect that the trial will then be delayed even further, because if we lost we will appeal to the Supreme Court, and if the defense loses they say they will also appeal. Marsy's Law, the California Victims' Rights Amendment to the California Constitution, is untried and so this is a matter of first impression and potentially important to many victims in the future.

Those of you who have known John for years know what a kind, honorable, trustworthy, and also passionate person he was. I hope you will all think over specific events which confirmed these character traits, I suspect that we will need character witnesses to counter the "bad guy" persona the defense is trying to point John into. I still can't beleive that anything concerning John's alleged character, since he was certainly NOT a convicted criminal, would be relevant, but that seems to be the only "hope" the defense has to cling to to "justify" the backshooting somehow. I don't beleive anything could justify it - in my opinion it was cold blooded murder, pure and simple, based on his own statements and actions.

Anyway thank you for your support. We are at the Lighthouse preparing to liquidate the contents in the hope and prayer that we can raise enough money to get ourselves and some belongings to Ireland as soon as possible. If anyone is in the market for a 2000 Lincoln Navigator, a 2000 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab with a limo tint campershell and bedrug bedliner, a top of the line Amana self cleaning gas range, an outdoor "WeatherPro" pool table, a Sears Commercial Upright Freezer, a wine cooler refrigerator, or any type of antiques and collectibles PLEASE CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

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